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  • WalrusInk Manifesto!

    WalrusInk is an independent ePublishing company with an emphasis in technology and including anything we find interesting written by authors we enjoy working with, including fiction. We will be distributing our eBooks* through all available venues, including iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Safari Online, and wherever fine eBooks are downloaded. We will also make Print-On-Demand versions […]

  • eBooks and Revenue Sharing—50/50 or bust!

    I’ve been reading the “Tools of Change for Publishing” LinkedIn group discussion for some months and felt compelled to respond to a recent thread started by Steve Weiss at O’Reilly: Who else is ready to consider to match the 50% royalty model? We at WalrusInk ePublishing are going with a 50% revenue-sharing model. (The old vocabulary […]

  • Subscriptions for ePublishing

    Subscriptions: Models of change, greed, or more of the same? Passionate LAMP developer, author, and friend, Ali Syed, emailed us from Lahore with a question and observation about ePublishing: “I thought about you when reading of recent events in publishing—Apple’s announced subscription pricing for iBooks, followed by the announcement of Google’s One Pass service. For […]

  • Not All eBooks are Created Equal

    Our colleague, Ross Carter, told us about a clever comparison he devised for testing eBook readability on his iPad. We expected he’d find some differences, but were surprised by just how different eBooks can be, even eBooks of the same book! Fortunately, Ross documented his observations and posted them on his site, rosscarter.com, and we’ve […]

  • Pricing eBooks—Logical Assumptions Need Not Apply

    There’s really no consistent logic to how eBooks are currently priced. Publishers want prices higher to increase profit margins. Amazon wants prices lower to encourage increased sales volume. Apple wants prices more standardized, because that’s just the way Apple does things. There have been reports of eBook editions selling for higher prices than printed editions, […]

  • Forbidden Word: An Author Speaks Out!

    Our friend, Ben Britten Smith, AKA Panda, wrote to us from Australia to express his preference for certain writing tools. We applaud his passion, but wonder if he could improve his use of understatement: “Can we please never ever ever use MS Word ever again? It is a terrible program and it makes me angry […]

  • Who do you Trust?

    An Essay on The Transformation of Trust in a Multivariate Universe Trust is a cudgel. It’s not meant to be, or at least it isn’t defined as such. But in a world of hidden agendas, hierarchies, and group-think, “trust” has become a keyword for submission, subservience, and general me-too-ism. Here’s how it works in this […]

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