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WalrusInk Manifesto!

WalrusInk is an independent ePublishing company with an emphasis in technology and including anything we find interesting written by authors we enjoy working with, including fiction. We will be distributing our eBooks* through all available venues, including iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Safari Online, and wherever fine eBooks are downloaded. We will also make Print-On-Demand versions of our books available through Amazon, Lightning Source, and other vendors.

Our business plan is based on the simple concept of fairness, which means that we are publishing partners with authors. This determines the way we do business as much as our product, the eBooks we publish, define our business persona. And by humanizing the business model and streamlining production, we are able to concentrate on quality and publish the most compelling eBooks available.

Similarly, our primary goal is to work with smart, knowledgeable authors to turn good ideas into great books, or at least into useful, worthwhile books that we can all be proud of. Though modest-sounding, these goals are not easily achieved. In fact, we believe they can only be realized by building a culture of cooperation and mutual respect between editors and writers. Our success depends as much on this cultural shift as on new, technology-based publishing paradigms.

*WalrusInk uses the recent coinage eBook to describe content that can be downloaded and read using an electronic device. This might be any of an expanding number of eReaders, computers of various sorts, and a range of mobile devices. An eBook needn’t exist in the physical form of a traditional book. If an eBook can be said to “exist,” it is as a digital file, which becomes the metaphorical book.






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