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A WalrusInk is Born

Unlike Athena, we have not come forth full-blown from the head of Zeus or any other god. Instead, we are creating ourselves from the primordial ooze leftover from publishing’s past. Feel free to watch the process or even to participate. There’s nothing to see now, but we are full of ideas, many of which are just about ready to bubble forth and expose themselves to the rude reality of light and the indignity of public inspection.

We encourage openness and expect you to treat what you read in this blog by hurling whatever you feel like hurling in our direction. Please let us know your thoughts, because it’s no use being a wallflower when we’re looking for partners for the next waltz. Speak up, be heard, and you can count on us doing the same for you, though always with utmost respect. And while we like to believe that our posts are carefully considered, finely crafted, and thoughtfully presented, there is always room for disagreement, improvement, and even reconsideration.

If it’s possible to be simultaneously thought-provoking and explicitly humble, such is our goal. You can think of our blogs as an invitation to a dialectic. We may not agree completely, but we can agree to work cooperatively toward a more refined way of seeing the world, one that is worth working toward together.

We expect that WalrusInk will always be something of a work in progress, but if we can make it a cooperative work in progress, we will be content. If you wish, please join in. Do I hear a waltz?

Professor Walrus

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