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  • eBooks and Revenue Sharing—50/50 or bust!

    I’ve been reading the “Tools of Change for Publishing” LinkedIn group discussion for some months and felt compelled to respond to a recent thread started by Steve Weiss at O’Reilly: Who else is ready to consider to match the 50% royalty model? We at WalrusInk ePublishing are going with a 50% revenue-sharing model. (The old vocabulary […]

  • Who do you Trust?

    An Essay on The Transformation of Trust in a Multivariate Universe Trust is a cudgel. It’s not meant to be, or at least it isn’t defined as such. But in a world of hidden agendas, hierarchies, and group-think, “trust” has become a keyword for submission, subservience, and general me-too-ism. Here’s how it works in this […]